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The palletiser can be placed behind the stacker. The stacks of crates are automatically placed onto a pallet. This makes very high speeds possible and creates savings in labour costs.

Why choose a LETS bv palletiser?

  • Save on labour costs
  • High speeds possible
  • Operationally reliable

How it works

LETS stands for soundness, which is why this installation was designed with as few wear-sensitive elements as possible. The supply buffer provides standard space for two stacks of empty pallets 800x1200 mm. This makes continuous supply less of a necessity. Simultaneously, full pallets can now be taken away. The output side of the palletiser can push out up to fifteen pallets at floor level. This allows you to maintain continuity and perform other jobs in the meantime.

The controls are designed to be simple and clear. Compared to the compressed air drive, the hydraulic drive is stronger and more reliable.

Save on washing crates?

Automating your krattenwassysteem can lead to substantial savings. Profitable for you?
How many crates wash every day?

crates per day
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Technical data:

This product is expandable with:

Robust, hygienic machines for optimum cleaning results.

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Desirable depending on type of pollution.

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Guaranteed dry crates.

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For achieving high capacities and saving on personnel costs.

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To achieve high capacities and savings.

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Clean crates without decals and adhesive residue.

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