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In order to ensure your tap water pipes have sufficient pressure, LETS offers various pressure booster installations. Equipped with excellent pumps, specially attuned to your situation. Thanks to the pressure booster installation, it is possible to maintain a constant pressure on the tap water, regardless of the capacity demanded. Because all the parts of the LETS installation – that come into contact with water – are made from stainless steel, the water quality after pressurisation is still drinking water quality. Units can be equipped with or without break tanks, as desired.

Why choose a LETS bv pressure booster unit:

  • Always a constant pressure on the pipes
  • Water quality after installation drinking water quality
  • Customer-specific, made to your pressure needs and capacity
  • Very quiet, low-maintenance installations
  • Recognised installer of water technology




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This product is expandable with:

Construction of high-quality stainless steel pipe network.

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To avoid problems with scale

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