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The pallet washer has been developed quickly and thoroughly washes pallets with high pressure. This means cleaning strength is always high, guaranteeing good results. The pallet washer has powered spraying arms, so it will get into every nook and cranny. In short, it delivers clean pallets with no problems. At LETS, we design and produce the pallets ourselves. The product is in our genes, allowing us to deliver excellent service!


Why choose a LETS bv pallet cleaner?

  • Guaranteed optimal cleaning results
  • Solid quality with high degree of workmanship
  • User-friendly 

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How it works

The pallet washer is a robust construction fitted with an internal drain channel. Pallets are loaded up vertically and a chain transport pulls them through. Because of the loose interim frame, the plates can be partially removed, allowing for easy inspection. The unit comes with four adjustable legs. Four powered rotating arms have been attached to the frame.

 >> Read more about how the LETS Pallet washer works


technical data:

How it works

The unit consists of:

  • Frame with bottom
  • Stainless steel chain transport
  • Moveable, powered spraying arms
  • Casing

Cleaning power
Because the rotating arms are driven, a free rotation is impossible, and jet power will lead to cleaning power.  The machine is simple to operate and has a high capacity. This makes the machine a good match for companies that wash pallets every day. The high pressure can be supplied by an existing system, but a separate high-pressure unit is also an option.

If desired, a detergent and/or disinfectant can be foamed in. This is an optional addition.

Energy and water usage
In short, the high-pressure pallet washer will give the best cleaning results. By using rotating spraying arms, creating large spraying force and deep cleaning. Additionally, the rotation reduces water usage compared to the washer’s capacity.


Why choose a LETS bv pallet washer?

Guaranteed optimal cleaning results

  • Unit is fitted with rotating spraying arms, creating large spraying force and deep cleaning.

Solid quality with high degree of workmanship

  • Highly durable. A very solid construction and robust build. All welds have been treated.

 User-friendly and safe

  • Simple operation
  • Unit can easily be inspected