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LETS overall supplier of industrial cleaning installations for the food processing industry

LETS bv has been designing and developing for more than 40 years high quality and durable total solutions for cleaning in the food processing industry. We deliver sturdy industrial cleaning installations focused on hygiene and food safety. In that way our customers are enabled to clean in an efficient way while meeting all the current demands for quality.


Below you can see how our crate washer works.

If you would like to know what other options we have for expanding your crate washer, click here.

  • Reliable partner

    A specialist for 40 years

  • An eye for quality

    High quality finish, durability, a guaranteed clean result

  • Long lasting solutions

    Cost saving on energy, water and labour

  • Overall supplier

    Only one point of contact for all your cleaning questions

  • Fast service

    Your production must not suffer downtime. We understand that

  • Tailor made advice

    We think in and from your situation

Your assurance

  • VCA certified
  • Licensed installer in gas and water technology
  • Licensed installer in water technology
  • Member of the HDN net work
  • Certified training company
  • Designed and built according to hygiene hallmarks

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