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40 years of cleaning technology

[post date]: 29-09-2021

LETS bv in Dronten, specialised in cleaning techniques for the food industry, is celebrating: this year the company exists 40 years. With a new management at the helm, the company continues to build on its solid and successful foundation.

 LETS Demo krattenwasser met ontstickeraar

We sat down with the new management team: Bartelt Leeffers, operational director and Guustaaf Hoekstra, commercial director, jointly responsible for general matters. Just before the summer, they took over the reins from founder Johan Leeffers, who, incidentally, has not disappeared from the scene entirely. He will continue to assist the new management in an advisory capacity. "My father started LETS bv in 1981 from the shed behind our house," recalls son Bartelt. "When that space became too small, he bought an additional horse trailer. Machines were mounted in the trailer that he used to visit companies with in order to give demonstrations. Now, 40 years later, we are repeating this action. In a modern setting, of course! More about that later.


LETS develops and designs machines for the food industry, which are then built in its own workshop and installed by its own staff at the customer's site. The professional maintenance team ensures that the customer can enjoy the machines for many years. The machines are also easy to overhaul, after which they will last a long time again. "When it comes to cleaning, we have a solution for everything; from a washbasin to clean crates and/or premises," says Guustaaf. "We follow the emerging markets with interest. There is now a catch-up in the field of hygiene, which offers opportunities for us as specialists." Since 1996, the company has also been designing and building heat recovery systems. "This results in lower CO2 emissions and cost savings for our customers. In doing so, we contribute to our customers' objectives. We believe in the power of a circular economy and are committed to sustainability." For both directors, the customer always comes first. "We offer good service, that's in our DNA," explains Guustaaf. "Delivering clean crates and/or factories, with reductions in the use of energy and water; that is our strong point."

LETS Guustaaf en Bartelt krattenwasser met ontstickeraarAcross the border

LETS is mainly active in the Benelux and Germany, but in recent years they also delivered to companies in Norway and the United Arab Emirates. Bartelt talks about it with passion, because he is very interested in the international business world. After studying 'Commercial Economics & Business Administration', he started a trading company focused on South Korea, where he studied for six months. Later, he switched to the family business. The international interest in LETS does not surprise the directors. "We have a wonderful product range, continue to innovate and provide solutions for the people that buy our installations," says Bartelt. "For example, we monitor the performance of the machines remotely 24/7. Any malfunctions are immediately read and resolved, possibly together with the technical service of the company concerned. The payback period of our machines is short. They run for at least 15-20 years, provided they are well maintained. That remains an important point," he emphasises. "Good maintenance prevents breakdowns. If they do occur, our mechanics are on site quickly." Incidentally, the machines are designed to break down as little as possible and require little maintenance. "Essential," says Guustaaf, "both for domestic and foreign companies, when our experts are not around."

 Like Bartelt, Guustaaf knows the company through and through. In June he celebrated his 25th anniversary. "I came in here as a warehouse employee and grew with the company." A quarter of a century after he first walked in, he was warmly welcomed by the entire staff early in the morning. "My immediate family was there too. Cake was arranged for everyone, including the field staff who had to leave early. I am really proud of our solid team!

On tour

Back to the anniversary campaign. What is going to happen? Guustaaf: "This autumn, just like 40 years ago, we are going on the road again with a trailer. This trailer now carries a cratewasher equipped with the latest innovations. We will drive it to interested companies to have us wash their crates on the spot. We bring the experience to the front door, and they see exactly what is needed for a clean crate!

"Whether it's about removing stubborn dirt such as protein contamination and stickers, or superficial contamination; we have everything in stock for a sustainable tailor-made approach," Bartelt concludes.

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