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Why create extra energy costs when there is hot water available that you can already make use of? How? It’s a matter of creating a good and ingenious system. LETS can help you with this. LETS bv is a specialist and has been making couplings with heat recovery and hot water production since 1985.

Why choose a LETS bv heat recovery installation?

  • Save on energy costs
  • Anticipates heat supply and demand
  • Contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility

How it works

Recovering heat is possible from, among others: refrigeration and freezing, smoke, compressors or waste water. With the LETS heat recovery system there is always hot water available, regardless of what is being reclaimed. The LETS heat recovery system will allow you to achieve maximum recovery at relatively low investment and usage costs.

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This product is expandable with:

Construction of high-quality stainless steel pipe network.

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How it works

The LETS heat recovery installation is a unit designed for the recovery of available energy from various sources and additional heating by an existing boiler. The unit has a highly advanced level regulation system, solenoid valve as filling valve and a highly accurate temperature and PLC controlled filling speed regulator. This ensures it makes optimal use of the energy available.

At peak demand, the filling speed is kept at the desired level for as long as possible, safeguarding the temperature, even in case of long-lasting peak demand. 

The water is collected in a stainless steel tank and kept at a set temperature, so you always have enough water available. The requirements set by the European Union for the use of water are met completely.