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Compressed air requirements can differ per sector. The LETS compressors by default come with a preliminary filter and a 3 micron fine filter. Additionally, it is possible to expand the compressor with an after-filter or an active carbon filter.


Why choose a LETS bv compressed air filter:

  • A single contact for a complete compressed air system
  • LETS is the experienced compressed air partner in the food industry


Active carbon filter

For guaranteed high-quality compressed air, especially regarding residual oil vapours, expansion of the compressed air system with an active carbon filter is a reliable and effective solution.


How much can you save on your energy costs?

Compressors consume 5-20 times the purchase price in power costs. Therefore, LETS compressors are standard frequency control, driven directly and have a low speed, which leads to considerable savings. Possibly expandable with heat recovery.
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This product is expandable with:

Construction of high-quality stainless steel pipe network.

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Frequency controlled, direct drive, reliable.

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Refrigeration dryer, adsorption dryer or membrane dryer.

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For installations where air purity is an absolute necessity.

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Oil is filtered from the condensate.

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