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Oil-lubricated compressors produce large quantities of oil-containing condensate. This is categorised as chemical waste. By applying an oil/water separator, the condensate can be directly disposed of in the sewer. A substantial saving on costs, as well as helping your business to produce (more) environmentally friendly.

Why choose a LETS bv oil/water separator:

  • Significant savings on disposal costs
  • Meets the highest requirements regarding sustainability, efficiency and profitability
  • Suitable size for every installation
  • User-friendly thanks to the cartridge system
  • Excellent system


How it works

The cartridge technique is highly user-friendly, which means replacing it is quick, and disposing of the waste is easy. Service life is also longer than with conventional active carbon filters and high production quality extends maintenance intervals.

Lifecycle costs can also be reduced with the LETS oil/water separator. Because there is no need for extra energy for the treatment, usage costs are low. This means the purchasing costs of the oil/water separator are gained back in a matter of months.

How much can you save on your energy costs?

Compressors consume 5-20 times the purchase price in power costs. Therefore, LETS compressors are standard frequency control, driven directly and have a low speed, which leads to considerable savings. Possibly expandable with heat recovery.
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This product is expandable with:

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Refrigeration dryer, adsorption dryer or membrane dryer.

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