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Planned delivery date
The delivery date of installation is determined in consultation with your representative. The representative will remain your contact throughout the project.

Your production has to keep running, even if you want to expand or replace certain machines. Of course we take the existing production process into account, so you experience the least amount of trouble.

LETS offers a team of experienced mechanics who can install, connect and make your installation operational. Possible required facilities will be discussed with your representative beforehand. The exact installation date will be determined in consultation with you.

LETS employees are VCA certified. LETS is also a certified installer of water and gas technology.

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For other questions about your delivery or order, please contact us. Call +31 (0)321 38 66 00


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  • Reliable partner

    A specialist for 40 years

  • An eye for quality

    High quality finish, durability, a guaranteed clean result

  • Long lasting solutions

    Cost saving on energy, water and labour

  • Overall supplier

    Only one point of contact for all your cleaning questions

  • Fast service

    Your production must not suffer downtime. We understand that

  • Tailor made advice

    We think in and from your situation

Your Certainties

  • VCA safety certification
  • Certified installer of gas technology
  • Certified installer of water technology
  • Member of HDN network
  • Certified learning company
  • Designed and built in accordance with (international) hygiene quality labels

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