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About LETS bv

To cut with water ... Once upon a time this principle was the inspiration for Johan Leeffers, founder of LETS bv, to study high pressure cleaning installations. And with great success. The first deliveries took place in the agricultural world. And the uninterrupted thrive for perfection and innovation have brought LETS bv to its current accomplishments.
Now – 35 years later – LETS bv has grown into a one of the large participants for the delivery of cleaning technology in the food processing industry. Currently 40 people put all their expertise and craftsmanship in supplying our customers with beautiful products.
The application of continuous training, internal studies, tests and coaching of young talents by experienced employees makes it possible to transfer the LETS-expertise and develop it further.

Our mission

LETS bv supplies high quality, durable and complete solutions in cleaning technology for the food processing industry. This enables companies to clean efficiently and meet all contemporary requirements for hygiene.