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The tray washer was developed to quickly and thoroughly clean baking trays. Compared to scrubbing the trays, washing has distinct advantages: no black residue on your product when reusing them, as well as guarding against allergies. The trays also retain their coating a lot better, meaning the life expectancy of the baking trays is significantly increased. LETS designs, builds and produces the tray washers ourselves. The product is in our genes, allowing us to provide excellent service!

Why choose a LETS bv tray washer?

  • Save on costs
  • Guaranteed optimal cleaning results
  • Solid quality with high degree of workmanship
  • User-friendly

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How it works
This machine is a very sturdy product, made completely from stainless steel type 304. Its capacity depends on the pollution. The washing tunnel is divided into the main washing part and a rinsing zone. The main washing part is where the tray is cleaned intensely by a number of lined-up nozzles. The tray is cleaned top and bottom.

>> Read more about how the LETS Tray washer works


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This product is expandable with:

Gas-fired complete system for supplying hot water.

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How it works

The machine is equipped with a stainless steel chain drive: after placing the trays, they are moved by the chain. This means excellent cleaning results. Because the speed of motion of the chain through the machine has two settings, the cleaning speed can be adjusted to match the level of pollution.

Cleaning results
Applying detergent improves cleaning results. A detergent dosage pump is installed in the unit. It controls the proportional addition of detergents to the cleaning water. Thanks to this special principle, which works independently of the acidity and salinity as a results of pollution, this system is economical and reliable.

The water tank includes an electrical element that can also be turned on when the pump is not running. The element is used to heat up stored water.

The nozzles are arranged in such a way that the jets clean the surface of the trays very well and evenly. The nozzles are easy to clean. The same applies to the spray pipe. The nozzles can be adjusted.

The unit is fitted with a sturdy switch box, which contains all electrical components. Operating it is safe: 24 volts or less. It is fitted with security against short circuits, overloading and water shortage. On the input side, the tray washer is fitted with an emergency stop punch button. The electrical installation meets the EMC and EC guidelines. The unit is CE-approved, marked as such and comes with the original CE-statement.

The water is filtered using a stainless steel sieve and is then fed back into the system. A self-cleaning wedge wire sieve is an option.

Why choose a LETS bv tray washer?

  • Save on costs
    • Baking trays better retain their coating, meaning their life expectancy is significantly increased
    • Cleaning water is reused after a double filtering
    • LETS bv offers a safe system with special guidance, so the edges are not damaged either
    • Integration in existing installations possible

  • Guaranteed optimal cleaning results
    • No black residue for the new round of baking
    • Better guard against allergies than brushing
    • The tray washer has a powerful cleaning pump for excellent performance

  •  Solid quality with high degree of workmanship
    • Edges are welded and finished
    • Cables are neatly tucked away
    • Heavy stainless steel casing
    • Built according to BRC and EHEDG guidelines

  • User-friendly and safe
    • Simple operation
    • Easy-to-open covers
    • Unit is secure against short circuits, overloading and water shortage
    • 45° angles in the tank also save time
    • Easy to clean

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