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Please find below several of our certificates and memberships of organizations that operate in the food processing industry. This shows that our organization and service are of a high standard. External certifying organizations confirm that on a regular basis.


VCA certified

LETSbv_VCAgecertificeerdThis certificate shows that our company fully complies with all the demands in the area of safety, health and environment. This prevents the necessity for clients and builders to undertake all kinds of actions to safeguard those aspects, because all this has been taken care off in advance. Many clients demand this certificate as a condition for companies to be allowed to execute work for them. Simply because of convenience sake and the assurance that a builder conducts a safe and reliable business.

Licensed installer in gas and water technology

Sterkin logoThe licensed Sterkin Installer complies with the demands and standards of licensing. The most important demands are related to knowledge, measuring equipment and tools. There are training demands that apply and also standards to which the installer has to submit. Tests are executed on a regular basis to check whether installations of these licensed Sterkin Installers comply with all the demands. A good enough reason to choose for a licensed Sterkin Installer.

HDN welding certification

HDN lascertificeringOur welders are HDN licensed. This means that they have been specially trained to execute welding in a way that is safe in the food processing industry. HDN has based its recommendations and standards on the European laws and regulations.


Kenteq certified training company

Erkend leerbedrijf - KenteqAfter the scheduled re-inspection LETS bv is again – until 2020 – a certified training company. For many years LETS bv has been a good and safe working place where students train with satisfaction. The training is always in close connection with the specific training and education of the student. Our coaches work and coach the students in the workshop.

Our certificates:

  • VCA certified
  • Licensed installer in gas and water technology
  • Licensed installer in water technology
  • HDN welding certification
  • Certified training company

LETS bv is a member of the following organization:

  • HDN net work


Member HDN network

Member HDN netwerkMachines and process installations for the food processing, drink and pharmaceutical industries have to comply to strict regulations. 
To work out this professionalism LETS bv is a member of the Hygienic Design Network. The HDN method of working offers clarity and transparency in the jungle of European standards and regulations. Companies working in the hygienic process industry can make use of these methods of operation.

  • Reliable partner

    A specialist for 40 years

  • An eye for quality

    High quality finish, durability, a guaranteed clean result

  • Long lasting solutions

    Cost saving on energy, water and labour

  • Overall supplier

    Only one point of contact for all your cleaning questions

  • Fast service

    Your production must not suffer downtime. We understand that

  • Tailor made advice

    We think in and from your situation

Your assurance

  • VCA certified
  • Licensed installer in gas and water technology
  • Licensed installer in water technology
  • Member of the HDN net work
  • Certified training company
  • Designed and built according to hygiene hallmarks

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