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LETS comes to the businesses...

[post date]: 12-10-2021


LETS has been a specialist in cleaning techniques for the food processing industry for 40 years. From Dronten, where the company is located, they continue to build on the foundation laid 40 years ago by Johan Leeffers. Guustaaf Hoekstra and Bartelt Leeffers form the new management. “We now have a wonderful package of machines, which have been perfected in recent years. Machines that pay for themselves very quickly and prove themselves to customers where they run well for an average of 15 years and are maintained by our mechanics,” says Bartelt.


LETS krattenwasser met ontstickeren

Guustaaf is already a familiar face to many in the sector, because he has been working at LETS for 25 years now. Bartelt Leeffers first completed his studies Commercial Economics & Business Administration and later joined the family business. After 40 years, Johan Leeffers has decided to take it easy, but remains involved with the company as an advisor. He started in 1981 in a shed behind his house, but it soon became too small. He bought a horse trailer, mounted the machines in it and drove to the companies to demonstrate it.


Now, 40 years later, we are going to repeat this with a crate washer. This was specially designed by us for the anniversary and equipped with the latest innovative gadgets. “So a lot of technology on 1 trailer!” Your own packaging goes into the machine, the machine can be used in different positions, so you can see what you need for clean crates. Because we sell clean crates! You can sign up for this and we will visit your company free of charge and without any obligation (see for more information)”, explains Guustaaf. “We design, build, install and maintain sustainable machines. We can take care of everything from washing units, cleaning units to reels and everything in between. Because unburdening the customer is our top priority, as is providing good service. We can also help you in the field of personal cleaning, such as hygiene locks.” At the moment our largest working area is the Benelux and Germany, but the interest from the other countries is growing. Bartelt “With our own service and maintenance team, we are quickly on site.”


LETS has also been designing and building heat recovery installations since 1996, which is a logical extension given our commitment to sustainability. Heat that is released by, among other things, cooling, freezing, compressed air can be used for this. You also contribute to the climate goals by saving on CO2 emissions. “From the introduction of the last machines, we have actually continued to innovate the machines. By developing these further and further, because you run into new pollution every time. So much changes in 40 years that you just have to keep up and not sit back. That is why we continue to test, innovate, listen to you and keep an eye on the trends.” says Gustaf. “We believe in a circular economy and are happy to contribute to the objectives of your company. That is why we make machines that are sustainable.”

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Interview with: MEAT & CO Sept. 2021

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