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The LETS de-stacker with high capacity is based on the flow principle and can feed one or two tracks. By choosing an ongoing motion, a high processing speed and efficient use of energy is achieved. The de-stacker is suitable for high speeds as well as very suitable for de-stacking nested crates.

Why choose a LETS bv de-stacker?

  • Save on labour costs
  • Efficient use of energy
  • High speeds possible
  • Operationally reliable

How it works

The de-stacker has a powered feeder track and works completely automatically after stacks have been moved onto the track. Crates are turned in the de-stacker and placed at intervals for the crate washer. The LETS de-stacker distinguishes itself through its high capacity and operational reliability. Nested crates are pushed apart and crates sticking together will not disturb operation. Standard units are equipped with safety gates and safety sensors.

Save on washing crates?

Automating your krattenwassysteem can lead to substantial savings. Profitable for you?
How many crates wash every day?

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Technical data:

Technical data:

Technical data: