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Washed crates or trays have to be stored dry, otherwise they will attract bacteria from the air. Drying in a cooling cell also requires a lot of energy. LETS offers various drying installations that do a good job drying even tricky crate types.


Why choose a LETS bv drying installation?

  • For truly dry crates or trays – Hygienic storage
  • Energy-efficient through heat recovery
  • Proven results
  • Robust installation


How it works

The drying installations work based on blowing them off using compressed air with heat recovery. Suctioning out with heat recovery is an energy-efficient combination. The air taken in is heated by the saturated air going out. This provides the best drying results and is the most economical. The drying installations have synthetic fans and are efficiently built in. Because of the special design of the manifolds, the returns are high. This means the system has no ribbed hoses or other pieces that offer resistance.

The drying installations have an upper conduction and nozzles that can be moved using compressed air. Because these are close to the crate, this is highly efficient. The stainless steel dryer channels are easy to uncouple and clean thanks to milk pipe connections. The drying installations can be set manually or completely automatically.

Save on washing crates?

Automating your krattenwassysteem can lead to substantial savings. Profitable for you?
How many crates wash every day?

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technical data:

This product is expandable with:

Robust, hygienic machines for optimum cleaning results.

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To achieve high capacity and saving on labor.

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To achieve high capacities and savings.

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For automatic palletization of stacks of crates.

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Clean crates without decals and adhesive residue.

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Logistic systems in solid stainless steel version.

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For knocking loose large, loose pollution.

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