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Removing labels from crates is often difficult or unsuccessful. Or glue residue or half labels remain. But there are options. LETS bv can equip crate washing installations with a label remover.

Why choose a LETS bv label remover?

  • Guaranteed clean final result
  • Operationally reliable

How it works

Depending on the placing of the sticker, its shape, attachment and glue layer, a choice is made between applicable agents and equipment. A process being with us taking samples and sending confirmation. Afterwards you will receive a quote with an offer. LESS guarantees that the end results will be clean. The advantages are enormous; clean crates without stickers and without glue means there will be no wrong scans and no glue left behind. Water can also be reclaimed to be reused in the process. 

There are plenty of challenges: the crate has to be cleaned every place the sticker may be. This requires experience and considerable knowledge to find the right solution. Disposing of and filtering away the sprayed off stickers and glue residue is also a challenge for the problem solving designers. But that’s what they are at LETS: solution builders. Installations can be added to existing ones, or made complete with washing and drying installations.

Save on washing crates?

Automating your krattenwassysteem can lead to substantial savings. Profitable for you?
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