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This pre-rinsing unit automatically rinses out loose hanging dirt and moisture at the input side that would otherwise take up more cleaning agent, without any negative effects on the washing water.

Why choose a LETS bv pre-rinsing unit?

  • Makes manual rinsing unnecessary
  • Prevents foaming in the main bath
  • Low water usage
  • Excellent service

How it works

The big advantage to the pre-rinsing unit (and why we recommend it in so many cases) is the fact that when crates are polluted by blood plasma and/or protein-containing liquids, cold rinsing is a requirement. If it does not happen, the proteins in the main bath (warm, soapy water) will increase foam formation. The crates are also cleaned less well with hot water, as proteins will attach themselves to the crate.

Water usage is very low thanks to compressed air support and because water from the crate washing unit (using a spillover) is reused.


Save on washing crates?

Automating your krattenwassysteem can lead to substantial savings. Profitable for you?
How many crates wash every day?

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Technical data:

This product is expandable with:

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