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For completely automatic bin washing installations, LETS offers a (de-)stacker. A strong and innovative product that excels through its simplicity. LETS designs, builds and produces complete bin washing systems. The product is in our genes, allowing us to provide an excellent service!


Why choose a LETS bv (de-)stacker?

  • To achieve high speeds
  • Save on labour costs; no manual operation
  • Capacities of up to 100 bins an hour possible
  • Solid quality with high degree of workmanship


How it works

The bins are supplied by the transport tracks, and then automatically de-stacked. The de-stacker has a very high reliable de-stacking principle.

The bins can be de-stacked starting at the bottom. After the washing and drying process, the bins are automatically stacked up to a height of five bins. The bins are also stacked from the bottom. Because of its simplicity, the units are reliable and only have a minimum of wearable parts. The controls are simple.


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This product is expandable with:

Logistic systems in solid stainless steel version.

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For automatic supply to the tub washer

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