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This turnstile provides constant hand disinfection or soap access control. The turnstiles are available as wall-mounted or standing models, in left or right versions. Also possible with hand washing and drying. Mandatory disinfection upon returning is also part of the options.


Why choose a LETS bv turnstile:

  • Turnstile is engine-powered: impossible to pull back
  • Nozzles for the hands are located both on top and below
  • Siemens controls
  • Hygienic design


How it works

The turnstile provides access as soon as the mandatory hand hygiene has been executed. This is indicated by means of a green light. The turnstile is engine-powered. This means it is impossible to pull back, so people cannot pass without disinfecting their hands. After a single stroke, the turnstile blocks automatically.




Technical data:
  • Stainless steel
  • 580 mm
  • 1320 mm
  • Fencing
  • 320/870 mm

Technical data: