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A well calculated system is a must for a smooth process without downtime. Pipeline systems are installed to last for many years. LETS is certified installer for both water mains and gas installations. LETS employs its own team of engineers to install all kinds of stainless steel pipeline systems in a speedy and expert way. LETS installs:

  • High pressure systems
  • Water mains hot and cold
  • Compressed air pipelines
  • Steam pipelines
  • Pipelines for central heating
  • Gas pipelines
  • Advantage

All pipelines are stainless steel

  • Well calculated systems
  • Long lasting
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to expand or change
  • Safe
  • Low pressure loss and low flow resistance
  • Suitable for both thermal and chemical disinfection

How much can you save on your energy costs?

Compressors consume 5-20 times the purchase price in power costs. Therefore, LETS compressors are standard frequency control, driven directly and have a low speed, which leads to considerable savings. Possibly expandable with heat recovery.
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