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Smart with energy and money

Obtain a compressed air installation to match your requirements, without unnecessary losses through the wrong choice of capacities: either too small or too large. Energy conscious: no loss of production capacity through lack of pressure, or waste of energy through too high operating pressures. A good plan does not fall from the sky. Calculations offer a good estimate. A scan reveals something about the actual situation. In the end a multiple-days reading is the best way to find out what the required capacity should be. This lays the foundation for the plan. LETS offers multiple-days readings of capacity and operating pressure. That provides insight into consumption and pressure losses. Possibilities and impossibilities come to the surface. But what is more, the opportunities become crystal clear.  Another issue in compressed air systems is the occurrence of air leakages. Precious compressed air slips away. In some cases 30% of the compressed air escapes through leakages. Thirty holes of 0.5mm create a loss of €1,200 annually (7 bar).
Not all leakages can be heard with the human ear. That is why LETS executes the readings with specialised equipment. A reading and the repair is usually recouped within 3-5 months.


Readings lead to knowledge!

LETS offers:

  • Compressed air capacity readings
  • Compressed air pressure readings
  • Compressed air system maintenance
  • Compressed air humidity readings
  • Water flow readings
  • Water flow readings based on multiple-days registration
  • Water pressure readings
  • Temperature readings based on multiple-days registration

How much can you save on your energy costs?

Compressors consume 5-20 times the purchase price in power costs. Therefore, LETS compressors are standard frequency control, driven directly and have a low speed, which leads to considerable savings. Possibly expandable with heat recovery.
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