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Dosing unit for foam and disinfection cleaning for mobile use.

Why choose a LETS bv mobile foam system:

  • Handy and manoeuvrable dosing unit
  • Perfect foam quality for excellent cleaning results
  • Foam and disinfection cleaning in a single machine
  • Save on costs: economical – from 1% cleaning agent

How it works

The LETS Esprit Mobile works the same way as a wall-mounted Esprit, but can be taken with you. The cart comes with grey synthetic wheels that leave no marks (specially for the food industry). Highly robust: complete made from stainless steel 304. The unit is to be connected to the access points available for cleaning and compressed air.


Foam tank

Foam tank

Technical data:
  • Stainless steel 304
  • 60 L
  • swivel wheels

Technical data:

This product is expandable with:

Construction of high-quality stainless steel pipe network.

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Frequency controlled, direct drive, reliable.

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