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The 40 bar centrifugal units are suitable for quick cleaning when pollution is not necessarily easy to remove. The medium pressure cleaning units clean much faster than high-pressure systems and create less spray. Because effectiveness increases, a lower water usage is acceptable compared to 20 bar installations. Economically it is by far the best option in many applications. Standard system for cleaning with one to twenty people.

Why choose a LETS bv centrifugal unit:

  • User-friendly
  • High quality – long life expectancy
  • Units equipped with extra securities
  • Practically maintenance free

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How it works

The pump unit has a good capacity, allowing you to work quickly. The water is pumped up using centrifugal force (using a spinning fan). The pump comes with stainless steel casing, axle and fans.

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technical data:

technical data:

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This product is expandable with:

Construction of high-quality stainless steel pipe network.

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How it works

In dual-pump models, the pumps are pumps are alternated to start first to keep the number of operating hours equal. This is done using PLC controls.

Break tank
The unit is equipped with a stainless steel break tank. The tank comes with level regulation, solenoid valve, low water security and a large fine filter.

Why choose a LETS bv centrifugal unit

  • User-friendly
    The functioning and operation of the unit is very user-friendly: the unit starts completely automatically when opening a spray gun and stops automatically when the last gun is switched off, after a predetermined running time after operation has ceased.

  • High quality – long life expectancy
    The units are built from high-quality materials:
    • - Dutch pumps
    • - Stainless steel tank, frame and hose couplings
    • - Stainless steel fans, casing, axle and chambers
    • - High working temperature possible

  • Centrifugal units equipped with extra securities
    The following securities are part of every unit:
    • Controls: 24 V or less
    • Water temperature too high
    • Overloading
    • Running when not desired
    • Engine temperature too high
    • Spray water-tight switch box
    • The electrical installation meets the NEN1010 norms and the EMC guidelines. It goes without saying that the unit is CE approved.

  • Practically maintenance free
    The unit provides considerable reliability and is practically maintenance free!