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Bedrijfsweg 33
8251 KK Dronten
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)321 386 600
Fax: +31 (0)321 315 387
KvK nr: 390.91341
Btw nr: NL811806 534 B01
IBAN: NL29INGB0667780963

  • Reliable partner

    A specialist for 40 years

  • An eye for quality

    High quality finish, durability, a guaranteed clean result

  • Long lasting solutions

    Cost saving on energy, water and labour

  • Overall supplier

    Only one point of contact for all your cleaning questions

  • Fast service

    Your production must not suffer downtime. We understand that

  • Tailor made advice

    We think in and from your situation

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  • Erkend gastechnisch installateur
  • Erkend watertechnisch installateur
  • Member HDN netwerk
  • Erkend leerbedrijf
  • Ontworpen en gebouwd volgens hygiënekeurmerken

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